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We put the human connection back in business!

Forever CRM builds upon the human connection between you and your customers. Our all-in-one platform gives the tools, guidance, and support for success. Take your customer service skills to the next level.

"Retain, Gain, and Build Loyal Customers with the Forever CRM platform"

Are You Looking to

Gain More Customers?

"71% of consumers said they think a company's employees have a significant impact on their experience." - CMOAdobe

Forever CRM offers tools you cannot find elsewhere all in on one platform. You will gain more customers by staying in touch with relevent messages. Send a short video about your referral program. Or send monthly specials through text messages. Our CRM allows you to connect with potential customers in real-time from one place.

Do You Want to Improve

Customer Retention?

"93% of customers are likely to make repeat purchases with companies who offer excellent customer service." - Hubspot

You save your relationships with your customers. Forever CRM funnels all of the most effective marketing tools into one place so you no longer need multiple logins for a bunch of different apps or websites to keep in touch. This saves you time, money, and major headaches. You cannot keep customers if you do not remain in contact with them.

Do You Want A Better Relationship with Existing Customers?

"Loyal customers are five times more likely to purchase again and four times more likely to refer a friend to the company." - Forbes

Forever CRM improves customer-relations by increasing response time. Reach customers no matter where you are (desktop or smartphone) using our automations and our App.

Connect using our two-way communication inside Forever CRM. You can leave voice memos, text messages, videos, emails, Facebook chats, etc.

The Four R's: Building the

Customer Connection Funnel

Forever CRM is your solution to organizing your customer connections.


Reach existing and potential customers via Forever CRM. You can create landing pages, surveys, templates, and more. Generate leads by reaching out to the right audience.



Get reviews from your customers to share on your website or landing page. Potential buyers want to hear from people who have had experiences with you. Send out emails or templates that ask for testimonials.


Your return on investment (ROI) will be more loyal customers. No matter which tools you use, Forever CRM helps generate leads.

Seize New Leads

Forever CRM helps small businesses and salespeople excel. We help prevent you from getting lost in the shadows of larger companies. Our inherent platform allows you to see your efforts. You can seize new leads using our Portfolio Builder and more.

Create Unique Websites and Landing Pages

Forever CRM makes it easy to create your website and landing pages. Highlight your personality or company culture from one place. Get ahead of your competitors and add value to your customers at the same time.

Forms and Surveys Have Never Been So Easy!

Gain customer feedback through forms and surveys built within our platform. Use our drag and drop feature to gain reviews or for marketing analysis. Integrate forms and surveys onto your Portfolio Builder. Or, embed them onto your existing website.

Appointment Scheduler

Forever CRM offers a built-in appointment scheduler. You can book appointments from our platform in one fell swoop and get reminders, too.

Automated Messages: Be In Two Places At One Time

Gone are the days when you miss messages while sitting with a customer. Enable automated messages to reply to online messages you receive while away. No one will be the wiser, except you!


Customers Generates Leads

Use Forever CRM to nurture your customers. Access tools that help you stay in touch and gain their loyalty.

Custom Follow-Up Templates

You have a lead, now what? Follow-up with customers and ask open-ended questions to get a response. Create a unique customer experience with our automated templates. Our templates keep you top-of-mind when they are ready to execute the sale.

Multi-Channel Customer Communication

Forever CRM connects you with your customers through a multitude of channels. Share your template or reach out to customers on many platforms from one place. Such media include; Facebook Messenger, SMS/MMS, Emails, Videos, Voice Memos, and more!

Communicate From Any Device

You no longer have to be at your desk or tied to a laptop. You can retrieve messages or connect with customers while on the go! The Forever CRM App can be used on any device. So, you can stay top-of-mind while being available at your customer's convenience.

Practically Automate Closing

Forever CRM’s automations bring new leads to the bottom of your sales funnel reducing lead friction and allowing your team to easily close highly qualified, hot leads, much faster.

Manage Your Sales Funnel

See where your prospects are in our sales funnel. We track your leads so you can stay-in-the-know on whom you need to contact. Refresh the minds of previous customers, and show your superior customer service skills

Analytics and Reports: One-Stop Spot

Forever CRM not only tracks the stage your sales leads are in; we offer where they are, too. You can review analytics and reports of how much money was made during each phase. Thus, giving you an overview of what works and what does not.

Obtain Customer Payments

You no longer need to wait for in-store payments. Your customer can make payments online from your website or landing page. We use Stripe to ensure customer payments are secure.

On-Hand Client Support

Our support team is on-hand when you need them. We offer 24/7 client support.

Some of Our Features

Say goodbye to trying to multi-task from many tools, websites, and apps.

Say hello to Forever CRM features that speed up top-of-mind success.

CRM (Customer Relationship Management System

Your CRM is your hub for customer data. Communicate, brand yourself, organize, and

stay top-of-mind from one platform.

Two- Way Email


Email with purpose and gain

customer insight.



We streamline your

emails, texts, messages, and more

into one responsive feed.

Site Builder

Build your website or

landing page fast and easy

with our Site Builder.

Complete Integration

Add your customer information

and web presence into our CRM.

Communicate better with customers

and save time doing it.

Stay Social

Stay on top of your social media

presence. Focus on quality and

engaging posts from one platform.

Reputation Management

Gain authority over online reviews. Ask for customer reviews from different platforms and formats from one spot. Respond to customer reviews and show them you care

Two-Way Texting

Text message (SMS/MMS) from our

CRM and increase your response time.

Automated Sales Dialer

Push a lead and distribute sales

leads among your team.

Ringless Voicemails

Pre-Record a message and

send it to your customer.

Appointment Management

Set appointments with our built-in

calendar. Send reminders and

reschedule, “no shows.” Organize

your day with ease.

Advanced Analytics Dashboard

Pipeline your leads and track your

ROI (Return on Investment).

Track appointment and response rates

and the effectiveness of your efforts.

Manage SEO Listings

Manage SEO backlinks and listings to help

customers find you in search results.

Tailor your listings to improve SEO rankings.

Stay Top-of-Mind with Customers

Forever CRM keeps you top-of-mind with customers and potential leads. We help you keep customers by nurturing

your relationship with them. Connect with customers unlike ever before. Organize sales leads, analyze your wins, and plan

your company goals.

Forever CRM takes sales, marketing, and customer service to the next level. Stop overpaying for multi-tools.

Stop under-delivering due to lack of time. Let Forever CRM improve your business model and increase your sales revenue.

Gain, retain, and build customer loyalty that can last a lifetime.

Social Media Management

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We have a plan to suit you, no matter where your business is and what your business needs right now.



Lead Management

Sales Team and Customer Opportunity Management

2-Way Calling

Calendar Integration&Follow Up

Email Marketing Automation

Review/Listing Monitoring

Mobile CRM



Everything in Basic

2-Way Texting

Voicemail Drops

Facebook Messaging Integration

Google and Facebook Analytics

Call Tracking

(SMS) Text Message Marketing Automation

Sales Funnel & Website Builder



Everything in Premium

Done-For-You Custom Campaign Content

Done-For-You Custom Triggers

Bonus: Additional Snapshots

Bonus: Funnel Template

Bonus: Email Marketing Template


Custom Website and Landing Pages

Analytics and Reports

Multi-Communication Tools

Appointment Automation

Reputation Management

Reputation Management

Reputation Management



Custom Website and Landing Pages

Analytics and Reports

Multi-Communication Tools

Appointment Automation

Reputation Management

Sales Lead Management

Easy Website Integration

Mobile App


Connect with us to find out

how Forever CRM can change

the way you do business, forever.

[email protected]

(973) 389-3291


Connect with us to find out

how Forever CRM can change

the way you do business, forever.

[email protected]

(973) 389-3291

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